In terms of population coverage, Revised National TB Control Program(RNTCP),DOTS( Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course) is the second largest health program in the world. However RNTCP is the largest public health program in terms of patient initiated in treatment, placing almost 1,00,000 patients on treatment every month.

Of 8.6 Million cases globally, 2.2 million occurred in India making India the world’s highest TB burden country. In RNTCP the treatment & diagnosis is free of cost. In addition it has been continuously innovative and progressive in addressing issues related to TB Control in country. Newer diagnostic technologies are being introduced for ensuring the early diagnosis with greater sensitivity and quality to reduce the diagnostic delays and cutting the chain of transmission and preventing the drug resistance.

RNTCP has achieved great success in reduction of mortality, morbidity and prevalence of TB. Engaging the private sector is one of the most important interventions under taken by RNTCP to achieve the overall goal of universal access of TB care and early case detection.

IMA in TB India Book

IMA in TB India Book IMA in TB India Book